Welcome aboard !

J’ai des amis aux Etats-Unis qui ne parlent pas français et ce post est fait pour eux : j’ai traduit quelques bricoles du blog dans la langue de Shakespeare, afin qu’ils puissent se tenir au courant de mes aventures sur le chantier du gîte.


When we were looking for a house back in 2010, Martial and I made sure to find a place where we would have enough space for me to be able to run a Bed&Breakfast. The house we picked was love at first sight : a large living space, a huge lot (think 2 acres) and a few barns that could be turned into cottages for me to run as tourism facilities.

You can check here the whole process (pictures speak for themselves). The biggest cottage is known as La Grange (The Barn) and my business is called Le Clos Lafayette, named after a nearby creek.

La Grange is almost finished, so let me take you for the dime tour. This barn was probably built around 1880, and has a 600 sq. feet foot print. The whole lodging is around 1000 sq. feet and can accommodate 6 persons total.

On the main floor, there’s a large living space, with a living room, an open kitchen and a dining space. I hired an architect to take care of the remodel and several craftsmen did the biggest projects. I kept all the decorating stuff for myself, but I also did the kitchen.

On the same floor, there is a suite (the green bedroom and its half-bath) with a disabled access. I painted the walls, did the window sills and built the vanity. I selected a wide variety of furniture (things we already owned, things I bought on sale, second hand furniture – except for the mattresses and the box springs – and things I built) to save a little extra money so I could splurge on item I really liked, such as the nice shower downstairs.

Upstairs, you can find 2 bedrooms (the taupe bedroom and the lime bedroom), another half bath and a little landing at the top of the stairs. It was made by a carpenter with solid wood and it’s quite amazing. I made the vanity in the bathroom, the lamps and the chest nightstands. I also did all the painting (the lime color needed 5 coats of touch ups !)

The place is now almost finished – I hurt my elbow this summer and I have a hard time recovering from this tennis elbow. I still need to paint the accent color in the bathroom upstairs and finalize all the pieces of art I want to hang. Then, I’ll have a guy install a pellet stove and I think we’ll be done. I have a booking for Christmas so it must be over by then.

Thanks for reading !


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    • Thanks Mia ! And it’s not quite done yet :) hope to wrap things up in the next weeks. Fingers crossed ! I’ll do a full recap then, both in French and English.

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